Whistles and Alarms for our Children

Children and Personal Protection.

We at My Protection Products spent many hours investigating Personal Protection Products when two girls in our county were abducted and killed.  We even knew the family of one of these families and could not believe it would happen to someone we knew.  It did…

Well these girls were teenagers and high school students.  The schools are not going to let children bring stun guns or pepper spray to school.  How do we protect them?

We need to teach our children the importance of being aware of their surroundings and the people around them.  We can teach our children to recognize when someone is trying to gain their trust.  A predator will try to gain our children’s trust by asking, for help finding their lost pet, directions and impersonating an authority figure.  First let’s set up a CODE WORD OR PHRASE that only our child and we know.  Be sure they know that if for any reason someone tries to get them to go with them because we sent them to do it that it is not true unless that person automatically tells them the CODE WORD OR PHRASE.  They do not want to ask for the CODE WORD the person would automatically give them the code word.

What do they do if someone tries to get them to go with them, ATTRACT ATTENTION?  For this we can provide them with whistle or alarm.  None of us wants to have to teach our children this but we must.  We have to teach them to fight back when anyone tries to get them to go with them.  Yes, teach them to kick, scratch, elbow and poke even hit as they scream or blow their whistle or alarm.

Fighting makes it difficult for an abductor to pick him/her up or hold onto them.  If they are touched or grabbed by anyone they need to scream “He’s not my Dad”, “she’s not my Mon” or “Stranger – Stranger”.

Teach them if they feel they can’t get away, drop and wrap their arms around something big and hold on tight, all the while continuing to kick and yell for help.

No one wants their child to need to use any of this information, but if they do we want them to know what to do to protect them.  We can not be blind to the crime statistics, which shows us that Child Abduction is too high.  Provide them with knowledge and Personal Protection Products they can carry to be prepared.

Linda Merchant

Whistles and Alarms for children – http://www.myprotectionproducts.com/papper_sprays/

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Our eyes have been opened.

The importance of Personal Protection came to the forefront in my life when a dear friend lost a teenage daughter to an attacker.  It was months before we knew what happened and then only when another teenager in our county was attacked and killed and her attacker arrested within only a few days.  Our eyes have been opened to how much our world has changed since the days when teenagers were free to go about their lives with little fear or concern.

Today we need to be sure our children are prepared for the unthinkable.  It should be common knowledge these days that they should never go anywhere alone.  That only makes them a more attractive victim.  With attackers hiding in plain sight, being in a group makes them a less likely choice for harm.  Activities like going shopping should be a group activity for the safety of all.

Going out jogging, if with a friend or alone, should not be done in a remote area.  When jogging they should never wear head phones in both ears.  We all need to be aware of our surroundings.  Teens should always carry their cellular phone.  Why not wear a whistle around their neck or wrist?  They should be taught to trust their instincts.  If a person nearby is making them feel uncomfortable, they should change directions.  If they feel they are still being followed they should look for a safe place nearby to go, or, in the absence of that they should stand tall, turn and face the person and let them know that they are making them feel uncomfortable and to go away or they will call the police.  If the person is not deterred, they should dial 911 and blow their whistle to attract attention.

Pepper Spray is the front line of self-defense products.  Not everyone has taken a self defense class or would feel comfortable defending themselves physically, so pepper spray is a great way to temporarily disable your attacker so that you escape the situation and get help.

Remember when you are out, alone or with a friend, carry Pepper Spray and be aware of your surroundings.

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